About the Blogger

I was given the nickname “Amykins” at an incredibly young age by my lovely next door neighbour and seems to be the only nickname I have ever been given besides “Aims”- which is also an interesting nickname given my personality. I don’t look it or even necessarily act it, but I am eccentric and unconventional to the core of my being.  I can’t fit in even when I desperately want to, so I consciously let go of that wanting instead.

Situating myself:

  • White working-class newly 40 singleton living in Vancouver, Canada with a privileged middle-class multicultural background.
  • I am in the process of remembering in each moment that I am already enlightened (and so are you).
  • Blessed/cursed with authenticity and adventurousness, totality and intensity in all my daily doings- in a culture based on conformity, scarcity and fear- even when it feels like being this intense about the most mundane aspects of life may put me in an early grave.
  • Global Travel is something inherited from childhood. I sacrifice material comforts and living independently (i.e. without roommates) in order to do it.
  • I work in a pink ghetto (female dominated and therefore devalued and underpaid) job mainly done by immigrants- this is a truly humbling and continuously eye-opening experience.  I hate how frickin’ poor I am in Canada’s most expensive city, but appreciate being kept humble and my eyes open to the struggle of new Canadians trying to make a living in an emotionally challenging job, because I struggle right alongside of them.
  • University educated in both humanities (Art History/19th Century Studies) and Humanistic Sciences (95% of a BScN) with plans to go back for more- I have an addiction to post secondary schooling.